Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Im a daragon shipper and i badly wanted them end up together just like monday couple. Monday couple kang gary and song ji hyo-although they didnt make the official statement about their relationship, i believe they are real cause there are too much of proof. 

Then about daragon, i dont know but there is my feeling that they will not end up together. I super  hatr to say this but i have to. Its getting frustuated!erghh. In the past yes they have something but it was over. I believed BUTTERFLY, MY HEAVEN is wrote for Dara right? Anywho, what ever happen between you two, whoever and whatever happen in the future, i wish the best for you two. Sandara park you re 2ne1 happy vitamin and i wish you for your happiness. *now i begining to ship you and jae* gahh. Whoever is your right man, you have my blessed unni <3

And as for GD, i hate to say this-i dislike kiko gahhh. But if being with her, im happy for you too. Its not like hating her will make you fall in love with my unnie right. Gahh i super hate this - you have my blessed too :)

Dara unnie, jiyong oppa, i really hope that you two will end up together *wishfull thinking* 

Whoever make my beloved people happy will make me happy too ;)