Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Minzy is leaving

What is 2NE1 without minzy? I cant imagine 2ne1 as a trio. Seriously? I love them and whatever dissicion they make, i will ALWAYS support them. 2ne1 nolza. minzy fighting! While waiting for bom, we lost minzy. I dont blamed anyone for this, im blamming myself i keep searching for bom i forget minzy. I feel badddd


So, who copy who? Think it yourself.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Mini heart attack

I nearly got mini heart attack after reading some article about big bang and their contract with YG will expired this december. I can bear it if you all decided to sign with another company just please dont disband. I love YG and i hope all of you will stay together.

As for 2NE1, i love you all too please renew those contract. VIP AND BACKJACK must STAY TOGETHER.

Im a YGstan and forever will be
 I love WINNER specially MINO. keke. Sad news, im kind dislike IKON. Not that i hate them but the feeling is mutual. I dont dislike them but i dony like them either. They remind me much about BIGBANG. They look like the second version of bigbang. The way B.I and bobby style of rapping look not so exactly like GD and TOP. I dont want the second version of GD, i dont need the second version of TOP either. I just want them as themself :)

...annyoeng goodbye adiouss~

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Im a daragon shipper and i badly wanted them end up together just like monday couple. Monday couple kang gary and song ji hyo-although they didnt make the official statement about their relationship, i believe they are real cause there are too much of proof. 

Then about daragon, i dont know but there is my feeling that they will not end up together. I super  hatr to say this but i have to. Its getting frustuated!erghh. In the past yes they have something but it was over. I believed BUTTERFLY, MY HEAVEN is wrote for Dara right? Anywho, what ever happen between you two, whoever and whatever happen in the future, i wish the best for you two. Sandara park you re 2ne1 happy vitamin and i wish you for your happiness. *now i begining to ship you and jae* gahh. Whoever is your right man, you have my blessed unni <3

And as for GD, i hate to say this-i dislike kiko gahhh. But if being with her, im happy for you too. Its not like hating her will make you fall in love with my unnie right. Gahh i super hate this - you have my blessed too :)

Dara unnie, jiyong oppa, i really hope that you two will end up together *wishfull thinking* 

Whoever make my beloved people happy will make me happy too ;)

Monday, September 28, 2015

cause i cant see you no more

In this miserable life, things i hate the most is betrayal. I even barely trust myself now yell me how do i put my trust on someone who is keep saying sorry over over and over again but keep on repeating the same mistakes?