Sunday, September 27, 2015


Random things about me : 

1. Im Mirian. 1991's baby. 
2. I love books-reading. Specially about angst, action and fantasy. 
3. I kinda addicted to cold drinks with ice cube in it. So simple. 
4. I prefer beer than liquer.
5. I cant concentrated reading while listening to music. Its either in between. 
6. I love PARTY.
7. Im friendly. 
8. I can sleep more than 8 hours a day. 
9. Im not a backstaber. 
10. I prefer sleep than hang out.
11. Im a runner-monday couple, hahyo siblings, easy brother. 
12. DARAGON shipper. RIRIN and TopBom
13. Heavy smoker
14. Im a vip, blackjack, and number one daraling.
15. Loyal
16. I dont believe in happy ending.
17. Im coming from a broken family. 
18. Deeply madly and freaking in love with KWON JIYONG. 
19. Im single
20. Im bad at everything i do.
21. I have trust issue
22. Coffee lover
23. Dog lover
24. I laugh a lot. I dont cry. So whoever managed to make my cry, count yoursef LUCKY
25. Im good at ignoring people. be continued