Sunday, February 19, 2012


okay, i dont know how to begin my story and i just say hey okayy. heyyyy readers! how's you doing? blahhhblahhh. okay shut up!

since valentine im totally lonely. blahhh. this is the worst valentine everrrrrr! damnn. okay, seriouslyyy like shit when my sayangg was thousans miles away from me, plus my roomate nathasya going back to miri. pffftttt. amn like shit uhhhh.

okay back to story. i ody blabla a lot. from BBU, i have to walk about 10 minutes to campus. damn huhhhh. futhermore, im the newby here so i dont even know where to withdrawl*im not sure if my spelling are right. back to story, after wihdrawl*again money, i was so damn staving. after eating then i going back to my home. okay. done. enjoy my blabla boring story.