Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my ex boyfriends

Tonight is the night for ex-boyfriends
I’m trying to call all my ex-boyfriends
Cause I feel alone and I need my ex-boyfriend
To be here with me just like my friend or more

Tonight is the night for ex-boyfriends
But I think I hate all my ex-boyfriends
It’s 5 A.m., I can only call my (?) my ex-boyfriend, they’re not too mean but they are too far for it,
Sex. Sex, sex, sex!

So I leave a message to all my ex-boyfriend saying 
“Hey, what’s up, how are you my friends? I’m coming to New York soon, would you be my fuck friend? You’ll never employ cause you think I’m just depressed and you’re right.”
My ex boyfriends!
No, you don’t even deserve to have your name in a crap song 
So I omitted your name, c’se anyway, you’re big enough to know

It’s all about you, It’s about you (4x)

The name was the number one, start with the T
He said “Hey c’mon, its gonna be so fun”
But he’s the most unfunny person I have ever met
Anyway, he was gorgeous and sweet, boring but sweet
Until the day he said, until the day he said:
“Sorry baby, but except Bob Dylan we have nothing in common”

Age, 26
Dumped after 2 months
Profession, liar! Liar, liar, liar
He’s such a fucking liar
We were in love, so in love, we were so in love (3x)
We were in love!

The name was the number two, start with the K
No, I should start with the C, but with the K you he is the coolest
I was very to leave Paris for him and figure out why in the middle of the concess (?)
But from one day to the other he decided it was over
For no reason, you know?
Just because it’s over!
He was so romantic, sex was so electric
Everything was magic
But he was…just a trick, just a fucking trick

Age, 23
Dumped after 3 months of dreams and tears, and tears, and tears
We were in love, so in love, we were so in love (3x)
We were in love!