Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Forget Him .

 Forget His Name . 

Forget His Face .

 Forget His Kiss .

 His Warm Embrace .

 Forget The Love That You Once Knew .

 Remember He Has Someone New .

 Forget Him When They Played Your Song .

 Remember When You Cried All Night Long .

 Forget How Close You Once Were .

 Remember He Has Chosen Her .

 Forget How You Memorized His Walk .

 Forget The way he Used To Talk .

 Forget The Things He Used To Say .

 Remember He Has Gone Away .

 Forget His Laugh .

 Forget His Grin .

 Forget The Dimples On His Chin .

 Forget The Way He Held You Tight .

 Remember He’s With Her Tonight .

 Forget The Time That Went So Fast .

 Forget The Love That Moved Its Past .

 Forget He Said He’d Leave You Never .

 Remember He’s Gone Forever 

today , new nessa was born . hell yeah .

giving up doesnt always mean i'm weak . sumtimes it just means i'm strong enough to let go .